My Beliefs

I am LDS (Mormon,) which often plays a role in the way I view literature and the kind of literature I’m attracted to.  It isn’t intentional, but we all have our belief system that becomes the filter through which we process all art forms.  However, despite my religion, I’m not especially conservative.  I’m also not especially liberal.  My leniency and tolerance towards certain storylines depends on the book and the author’s quality of writing.

Like anyone who is part of a certain group,  I do not wish to be seen “just” as a Mormon.  I am a multifaceted person and I’m interested in many things.  But I am happy to share my beliefs if I’m asked.  To learn more, click the links below:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Official site)

Mormon. org    (This is a relatively new site aimed at humanizing the LDS church.  It gives visitors a chance to see profiles of LDS people around the world, including a search of those in your area.  A really great site.  My personal profile on it can be viewed HERE.)